The Cities of the Lost

B O O K  O N E

A class field trip unlocked a whole new world...

The Gift may have skipped a generation — but now it has come back, stronger than ever. Although, it’s not the only thing that has returned to the cities of the lost. More and more Gifteds and Nons alike are disappearing, and now it’s up to a handful of  “average” kids to find out who’s behind the series of abductions — and most importantly, to get these people back.

Eleven-year-old Zarina, along with five other girls previously living the average Non life, tumbles into a new reality that she’s expected to accept. But there’s simply one problem: no matter what happens, this world seems to be anything but normal.

Will she be able to juggle both lives?

All of her Gifts?

And before anything else — will they be able to face the dark force abducting people?