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For kids. By a kid.

I'm a 14-year-old girl attending high school who's interested in coding, reading, writing, science, and math. All of the content on this website (including the games, mobile applications, and writing) is created by me.

Newly Added Games

Winter Wonderland Game Thumbnail. Snowman riding down on a sleigh.
Busy Boat Game Thumbnail. Boat on water with a coin and obstacles.
Quidditch Game Thumbnail. Broomstick with a bludger and golden snitch.
Shuriken Game Thumbnail. Ninja characters with throwing stars.


Download the games on this website as Android apps.

Winter Wonderland App Thumbnail. Snowman going down on sleigh.
Busy Boat App Thumbnail. Boat with coin and obstacles.


Whisper book cover. Girl holding water and fire above both of her palms.
Passage book cover. Boat on a river with a waterfall.