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Difficulty Downloading


The APK file for the app itself is taken directly from App Inventor, downloaded into a Google Drive file to be shareable. However, your phone won't be able to recognize the file or the creator (me), so it might block the file. There may be things blocking the download of the app. You can simply go through clicking "download anyway" or allow installations from Google Drive to be able to download the app. As I'm hoping to get on the Google Play Store, this problem will be resolved then.

The only thing contained in the app is an embed of the Scratch project in Turbowarp.

Android Only

As of now, the apps can only be downloaded on Android devices (unfortunately, that means they can't be downloaded on iOS).

How To Play

Most games will have some sort of instructions button built-in the game, however, pertaining to Winter Wonderland, there's specific instructions on how to play under the Apps tab.

If the game screen looks small on your device, it's recommended that you turn it over horizontally for a larger game display.


The app itself doe not record or collect from your end, and no permissions are required. You can see the Scratch and Turbowarp privacy policies if you have any concerns.

Apps Created Using


How do I download an app?

Once you reach the Apps tab, click the "Download" link on the app you'd like to download. Afterwards, once you reach the file in Google Drive, you can click the download icon on the screen.

The app has a glitch. Where can I report?

You can report any glitches here. Be sure to mention in the "Describe the Problem" section that this is in the mobile app rather than in a game on the website.

Why does my screen look small?

Due to the embed size, the game display typically doesn't take up the entire screen. Due to this, turn your screen horizontally to make it look bigger.

Why is my phone blocking the download?

As the app isn't registered in an app store and is an .apk file, your phone (not even Google Drive) will be able to scan the file itself. To download the app, you must go to your "Settings" and allow the installation of unknown apps. The app itself only contains a screen with the Turbowarp embed of the Scratch project. You can learn more about MIT App Inventor, Scratch, and Turbowarp.